Elleström, Lars. Media borders, multimodality and intermediality

Actually, both well-defined and temporary signs, as well as sign systems and specific media productions and works of art, can be said to share a lot of properties with and, hence, also overlap with other signs, systems and types.(pag 1)

It has a material interface. The reader of this Introduction is probably confronted with some sort of flat surface: a paper, hopefully in a book, or a computer screen. This kind of material interface allows for a variety of appearing content. You can put almost anything in a book, as long as it is flat and static, and you can put almost anything on a screen, including things that move, as long as it is flat. (pag 1)

Scholars have been debating the interrelations of the arts for centuries. Now, in the age of electronic and digital media, the focus of the argumentation has somewhat shifted to the intermedial relations between various arts and
media. One important move has been to acknowledge fully the materiality of the arts: like other media, they are dependent on mediating substances. For this reason, there is a point in not isolating the arts as something ethereal but rather in seeing them as aesthetically developed forms of media (pag 11)